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Who wouldn’t be excited?

I meant to post about this  last week at some point.  I’ll try to make this brief (good luck to me.)


A child is being deemed cured of HIV – I repeat: who isn’t excited about this? I don’t have cable right now, aka no tv, and I’ve always been bad about reading print news, and I don’t have a lot of chances to listen to the radio as I take the train and it gets a bad signal. But I hope people are talking about this.  THIS is what it means to live in the 21st Century!

Some Thoughts (one good, one inappropriate):

The Good:  This is better than flying cars.  HIV and AIDS are atrocious and those who suffer from it do just that: they suffer.  For years if they’re lucky.  Yes.  Lucky suffering.  Of all the things we were promised for the 21st Century, curing a disease like this, making it something that can be lived with or outlived, is amazing.  Even if it’s a small step.  Even if it’s potentially false.  It is amazing to think we have gotten that much closer to stomping out a fatal and terrible illness.  This little girl’s survival is a symbol of hope and prosperity, the truth to the science fiction.  She is also a child who doesn’t have to suffer.  Whose family gets to keep their little girl alive and well.  Thanks be to humanity!  Thank you for focusing on this and not on space needle dwellings and robot maids!

The Inappropriate: I really don’t want this to start the zombie epidemic.  I really have to get in shape . . .




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