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BEST. PLAYLIST. EVER. (unless you’re a bad person who hates all good things in life, like bunnies and Michael Jackson)

Just TRY being sad listening to this.  I have a lot of my pop/dance/funk music on my little ipod 8gig nano and I just shuffled this morning while working on a project and this is what it put together for me.  It may be a bit Michael Jackson heavy but who the hell cares, he’s awesome and you are a damned fool if you think otherwise and I don’t think we should be friends anymore.

Oh, and, yeah, “Whip My Hair” is on here and I’m not ashamed of that.  Though, I won’t be sad if you pass it up.  I did embed the spotify playlist but I don’t know if it will play if you don’t have spotify, so I also included ALL THE YOUTUBES.  Enjoy your evening/day/whatever time you happen upon my blog – happy listening!

**Edit: Spotify was only putting up 7 of the songs which robbed you of the most awesome ones, so eff spotify and just enjoy ALL THE YOUTUBES!!


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Screw you, Hormones

I thought about starting a second blog for like, personal feelings, but I realized that was dumb, so I’m putting them here instead.  this is from 2/23/13

This is basically what I want to say to myself right now.  I have now had some sort of skirmish with Matt each day for the past three days.  He forgives me and he knows I love him, but this is just jacked up.  Luckily, I can blame this on Girl Time, but what a piece of shit excuse.  Why you gotta hate on me hormones?  Why do I have to feel all crazy rage and inept and yell at the person I love?  Boo.  Just. Boo.  Dear Hormones, Please leave me the EFF alone.




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