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The Classy Pop Experiment

I present to you:



  • To find  pop songs that sample/use classical (in the general sense) music
  • Post both the pop song and the piece it uses
  • Do a comparative analysis of the two songs
  • Bonus: Get to listen to music I wouldn’t have normally and share it


  • Post song suggestions if you wish
  • Post anything you may know about the song/group

Goal “Posts” for Project

  • 1 post per week

What inspired this project?

  • I heard a great song while watching “Torchwood” – after searching for the song, named “Gorecki,” I found that the title was actually a composer’s name who the group Lamb had used in the song.
  • I am a pop music lover both in the normal top 40’s sense and in the more general sense which is things that aren’t considered “art music.”  I started to really get into art music though, more than just my few favorites such as “The Nutcracker” and “Clair de Lune”  while in college for my music degree.  I like to see how the two worlds of music collide.

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A short update

This post’s music is dedicated to Jessica from work: thanks for introducing me/making fun of me for not knowing – Nicki Minaj: ❤ you kid 🙂

So, I got sick this week and haven’t really felt like doing much more than watch Doctor Who, Torchwood, and lie on my couch after work  with wads of tissue shoved up my nostrils and sucking on cough drops.  Thank goodness for NyQuill.

But, never fear, I will be posting more vocabulary laden music.  Upcoming words are: superfluous, prosaic, melee, and effete.

I also started a mini project for myself which is: listen to EVERY ALBUM on my ipod.  Right now I’m listening to the movie soundtrack for Disney’s Aladdin.  I seriously only started this today but have also finished The Beatles: Abbey Road and Aida: Original Broadway Cast.  MC pointed out that though I’m trying to expand my horizons I don’t listen or have ever actually listened to everything I own.

Another project I would like to start is to use the beautiful Prismacolor colored pencils MC got for me last Christmas to draw sunflowers to frame in our bathroom.  I’ll probably just be trying to draw from a picture of them, but at least I’m not tracing them . . . (I’m not the best drawer.)

I did finish one of my books, the sequal to The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo: Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played with Fire.  So, book one for 2012 is read, and I’m in the midst of reading still The Master and Margherita and now Was.

AND: MC and I cleaned our apartment, hooray!!  Who knew cleaning could be so rewarding?  Loving how our apartment looks, just in time for some of our friends from Minnesota to come visit us, DOUBLE HOORAY!!

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