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The word of the Day for Saturday, January 21st, 2012 is


Definition: filled with fervent or enthusiastic devotion, often extreme or fanatical in nature, as to a religious movement, political cause, ideal, or aspiration (from thefreedictionary.com)

Song(s): Runaway, Explosions

Artist: The Zealous Friars

Album: See What Happens EP

Year: 2011

Now, you may be wondering why neither of these songs actually have the word “zeal” or “zealous” in the title: because it’s DAMN hard to find one that doesn’t want you to join one of those raise-your-hand-above-your-head-while-you-sing-with-your-eyes-closed-and-your-hand-on-your-heart-churches.  Hey, it’s cool if you’re into that, no judging, it’s just not really for me.  Also, and more importantly, that song I did find with zealous in the title just . . . . sucks. balls.  But, if you want to check it out click  Zealous Over Zion.

What I did find was a group of four young gentlemen from Alabama who are zealous over making music together.  They call themselves the Zealous Friars and they can be found on Myspace (of course), Facebook, and now on iTunes.

Honestly, I think what I like most about them is that the opening chords to “Runaway” sound like they are about to lead into Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer.  And the lead singer’s voice is pretty melty 🙂  So what if they’re like, 12?  Okay okay, they are in college.  Anyway, if you like fresh faced young men who are hell bent on being the next indie-softrock-easy listening cross over band give them a listen.  Girls, think of it as an escape to those middle school/early high school highly romantic tingly feelings.  Boys, think of it as an escape to those dreams of learning guitar to woo all the ladies, or to those kids you punched in the face because of their annoying blah whiney lovey music that won all those girls over and you secretly wished you could be them.  If you read my music page: yes, I’m still talking to you, guy who listens to N*Sync.

P.S. Props: Way to actually play instruments, Zealous Friars, you kids with your indie rock bands might actually go somewhere with your music since you’ll know how to make it after the Robot Wars destroy Auto-Tune for good.


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