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An Ode to Sunday Mornings

Morning Song – Jewel

Above are three of my favorite songs that feel like a great Sunday Morning.  This weekend was the second official weekend of MC going back to school for his spring semester, but the first weekend that he was really absent.  Living with an architecture grad student means you kind of live by yourself, except you feel like you’re waiting. And then he’s HERE, but he’s not really here.  And then he’s gone, his body rejoining his brain, physical form manifesting itself on stool at desk, like he never really left.

I will try my best not to mourn the passing of our few weekends we spent together.  Instead I will celebrate them: this is a memorial, not a funeral.

To Sunlight Filtered Through Blinds

and Groceries

To Walking through Sculpture Parks

and Taking AdvenCHARS

To Holding Hands

and Leg Scratchins’

To Netflix

and Homemade Pizza

To Snuggling

and Matching Coffee Cups

To Evenings Spent at Home

and Making Home feel like Home

To Laughing

and Silly voices

and Talking

and Sleeping.

To No One Else But You.


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