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Challenge Accepted!

This year I’ve attempted a LOT of things.  To exercise more, to crochet more, eat healthier, write more, and join groups (and then actually attend outings with said groups) just to name a few.  I know there are challenges and goals we all set for ourselves, and many of us do fall short, including myself, over, and over, and over . . .  It’s a bit worrisome at times.  It feels like failure.  I mean, how could it not?

Well, today (or rather, Friday night) I DID accomplish something: If you check out my sidebar I posted a Reading Challenge through the site Goodreads.  Because I am 26 this year I decided to read 26 books starting in January of 2012.  Last year I tried to do this and only did about 19 out of the 25 book goal I set for myself.  But this year, I DID IT!!  I read all 26 books, and it feels good.  It may seem a little lame, especially to my friends who read quite a bit more than I do (my friend Kim read 100 books before the end of the year, achieving her goal by about October I believe) but this is probably the most books I’ve ever read in 1 year.  I think I like movies and television a bit too much, but oh well.

And the books were fantastic.  Almost all were books I had never read before, and each of them were so different, even if they were from a series.  They were all fiction – I attempted some non-fiction and then set them aside – and ranged from real to surreal.  None of them were epic by any means but all of them, even the YA fiction, gave a new perspective and left me with something to think about.  This, in the end, is really the minimum you should ask of a book – give me something to chew on, even with the fluffy, beach read type books.  Give me a new perspective on relationships, on history, on culture, on sex and love and hope and meaning and the devil and heaven.  What does it mean to be a woman, a man?  How does it feel to experience the world in someone else’s skin?  And not once did the books end the way I predicted, not exactly.

I guess the same can also be said of the challenges I put in front of myself in general.  Even if the goal isn’t achieved I’ve been trying my best to be happy with what I’ve attempted and learn from those things.  They didn’t all get the follow through I’d like but that didn’t mean I walked away with nothing.

So, hooray to achieving goals, and here’s to another year of challenges 🙂



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30 Day Challenge


Starting tomorrow, August 15th, 2012, I would like to attempt this 30 day challenge as found on HighExistence.  My friend Emily posted this on her facebook wall and I think it would be amazing to try.  They have some great ideas which I would like to attempt and document it here, which means part of my 30 day challenge would be posting on this blog again, yay!  I will officially post what I’m going to try and accomplish tomorrow since right now I have about 10 things I REALLY want to do but should (possibly) try to narrow down.  I’d also like to do one just for work, but that one will probably be SUUPAH-BORING (“suupah” being how you would say it if you’re Nicki Minaj) for you, as well as for myself, but it’s something I’d like to accomplish anyway.  The things I’m thinking about right now are:
Crocheting each day: at least 1 row of the blanket I’ve been working on for about a year now

Practice trombone: really want to get back on the horse, just gotta find the time/space/guts

Take a 30 minute walk each day (from the website)

Exercise each day: which if I do the walk, two birds!

Write a “What I like about you” note to someone who is important to me each day (from the website): this will give me the opportunity to do what I’ve wanted to for a VERY LONG TIME because sometimes I’m terrible at telling people how much I love/appreciate them and why

-Read a chapter each day (from the website): I’ve fallen off my book wagon and have to get back on!!

-“Love Thyself” (from the website): I’m a hater who be hatin’ on myself sometimes and it’s got to stop – whoah, s— got real 🙂

-Study a topic to master (from the website): I’d like to get back to studying music and bone up on ear training/theory because I know I’ve lost what little knowledge I had . . .

-Listen to a new/different album each day: man, I totally didn’t accomplish my goals with my ipod challenge, this could help though!

-Write a Novel (from the website): This is something I might wait until November to do, I found a nifty website, not even sure what I’d write about but is on my bucket list to be a published author.  Once upon a time this girl had dreams of being a writer for a living.

As for Work: I don’t really post about work here so I’ll probably just make a list for my desk, again, just boring stuff like voice mail follow ups and trying to take on extra projects.

Another project I would like to work on as well is one for the State Fair:


It’s a contest for making the next “The Great MN Get Together” ad campaign/poster.  I’m not a professional artist but I do love the MN State Fair: so much so that I’m making a special trip to MN to go hang out with my mom and my brother’s girlfriend on the opening weekend of the fair.  The deadline for submission is October 24th and you have to send in a resume and stuff with examples of your other work, so I’m sure I won’t even be considered, but how will I know if I don’t even try?

Finally, regarding new challenges: I’ve volunteered to do PR stuff for the community band I joined here in StL, Band Together.  The group is getting a new website through Word Press which I might be helping out with here and there, possibly more content stuff than anything, but more importantly getting in contact with local newspapers/radio stations/tv(?) to promote this great group!  I love to do this kind of stuff and why not for a group that I’ve definitely fallen in love with since moving to StL.  I would not have met Kelsey if not for this group and through her many, many, MANY people.  AND it keeps me playing, AND I got to be in the Pride Parade which is the most fun I’ve had at a parade since U of M Marching Band.

I know that I had a “goals” post before but I’ve been making some changes in my life over the past couple months and have done a decent job of keeping up with them.  Either way, just trying is half the battle, wish me luck! 

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And what are YOU up to . . . ?

Just thought I’d post some things I would like to accomplish/do this year. I realize that the New Year is now 15 days in and I do have a few creative goals:

1) Get back to playing my trombone on a regular basis. Joining the community band was step one, now to get my act together and actually start practicing a few times a week. If I could find a lesson teacher who would work with me for zilch that would be excellent, but I have my doubts . . .

With Goal 1 something to think about is trying to get my chops up to a point where I would be comfortable teaching beginner lessons – if any of you have some good lesson materials you could recommend I’d appreciate it. I may start fiddling around on MC’s trumpet as well.

2) Finish crocheting a blanket – hopefully I’ll post some pictures of my progress but I’m pretty bad at posting pictures, in that I don’t take a lot of pictures and the ones I do usually just don’t end up online. I’m doing a wave/zig-zag pattern with peach, cream, and green.

3) I had a goal this past year to read 25 books. I fell short of my goal by about 7 books but at one point I was working 2 jobs 14 hours a day, so, I fell a bit behind. Since I take the metrolink to work (train system in STL, akin to Lightrail, El, & Subway) I should have more time to get my READS on and plan on trying to reach a goal of 26 books this year. Currently I am trying to finish up “The Girl Who Played With Fire” by Stieg Larsson, 2nd in the “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy. Since I still had about 250 pages left I’m thinking I will consider it part of 2012 reading, any votes on adding it to my 2011 list vs. 2012?
I am also reading “The Master and Margarita” by Mikail Bulgakov.

4) Dig into a music project, some ideas I’m playing around with are about Movie Music Scores, another is kind of a “Soundtrack of Your Life” – what songs bring forth strong memories for you? Like, oddly enough, I associate a song by Avril Lavigne with my Grandmother’s death (more on that if/when I dig into that project). And finally, a different project: if I were to host a radio show, say for just one hour a day, one day a week, what would I spin? I’m thinking up set lists and themes, just for the fun of it really – one idea would be stories/themes we find in music. Yeah, there’s love and heartbreak, pretty much the biggest two out there, but while listening to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” I thought about songs that fit that theme – honestly I subconciously stole the first 2 song set from my Bluecoats 2007 show that was titled “Criminal” which used a tiny bit of “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson and originally the show coordinators bandied about the idea to put the line “I’ve been a bad, bad girl” from the Fiona Apple song at the top of the show.

Another 2 song set I thought of was “Ode To Billy Joe” by Bobbi Gentry and “Brick” by Ben Folds Five. Though “Ode” according to Bobbi Gentry was never actually about what was thrown off the bridge, it definitely surrounds a couple who face a great trauma and what it does to them. “Brick” is quite blatant about it being centered on an abortion, and, according to Ben Folds, isn’t a statement about abortion but rather what a traumatic experience it was and how it affected him and his girlfriend. This is something, the connecting of songs in themes, that I would like to explore on this blog in a little more depth as it’s fascinating to me how the “ballad” (the true meaning of ballad is a song that tells a story) as a genre keeps living, evolving, as well as staying the same.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got going on – the blanket is back in it’s beginnings, the books are underway, the trombone practicing has a site and I am constantly mulling over my music.

Oh, and I just made brownies 🙂


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