I will be posting a few topics that I’d like to write about, songs, books, raptor kittens, etc . . .

If you would like to add to this, please feel free to post a comment! Just don’t expect too much on this page, it’s more about having a place to always note stuff than it is about creating a cool page.

NOTE: Let’s keep it clean, guys, and I’m not super into politics.


Girls are Crazy


I wasn’t kidding about the Raptor Kittens

Playing Trombone

Drowning Ruth – a book I just read involving a lake: I’m from the land of 10,000 of them, of course it makes for a great symbolic character in a book!

Speaking of Books: World War Z

Cooking every night (like a boss)

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

Prophets by A.C. Newman

My Country by tUnE-yArDs

Album: Some Nights by FUN.

Album: Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol

Colors by April Smith

Down by the Water by The Decemberists

Veronica by Elvis Costello

That Old Black Hole  by Dr. Dog


Army of Me  by Bjork

No Room for Doubt Lianne La Havas & Willie Mason

Band: The Classical

Classical/Art Music/instrumental music being used in pop culture: movies/sampled in pop songs – Gorecki as inspiration

Movie Soundtracks Project: Connecting Romanticism (or other art based styles (not pop based) ) to Movie Soundtracks: Movie Soundtracks – The New Symphony?

-Wagner opera ideal was not just musical but highly visual: what would he think of movies today, like “Tron: Legacy” where the music plays an important role: setting/nostalgia/unearthly/has to be as cool as the visuals/creating depth of feeling where the plot/dialogue lack/mixing of electronica & orchestral

-Listen to a Tchaikovsky ballet/symphony/overture sometime, it plays out so visually

-Tone poems: where words aren’t said, music seems to fill in.  If no one on screen or if you were to take away the visuals, would you know what’s going on with just the score?

-How harshly are film score composers judged by other composers now?  What was it that made composers seem less if writing for film scores? Was it playing to the masses, or being slave to a story they didn’t write?  Or the editing of the music?  Why was being the master of sound so highly elevated when Mozart wrote many pieces for commission?

-Do movie composers have their own style?  Is there a formula that is followed to create great movie music?  Does the composer always have to start at square 1 with every new movie?  Do they write for movies because they like them or because they need the money?


– Foster the People – Torches

– Gotye – Making Mirrors

– Regina Spektor – What We Saw from the Cheap Seats


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