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There be Tree Dragons in there!

He hath conquered the tree!

He hath conquered the tree!

Forest Park on the first nice day I’ve been able to enjoy.  Sometimes I love to wander and make up games and climb things that I’m able to climb.  Not pictured: a sand mound that was taller than me = lots of sand in my shoes.  This, however, is the secret lair of the Tree Dragon!!!!   Which doesn’t breathe fire = probably for the best.  Hey, I don’t make the rules, Matt does, as is obvious from his conquering nature captured in a rare moment atop the Tree Dragon Lair.  We did not spy the tree dragon, but it lurks it does . . .

This is basically my way of saying last Thursday Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed prancing through the park for a couple hours before I went to office max and bought ORANGE pens and white out and I felt it deserved a mention because hanging out with him is pretty much awesome the end.


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Coffee Induced Bliss!!

Today I am awesome – not sure why, but I feel good 🙂 Gettin’ s*** done, SON! and possible a bit of a caffeine/sugar rush from my Large White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (not venti, I’m not stuck up.) I’m getting the “excited it’s spring!!” bug and I just want to DO ALL THE THINGS and be the best I can be. I also just fell in love with my friends baby girls all over again, I miss them, but I think I know what my next crafty project will be. Here is today’s inspiration, though honestly I prefer Superman, but my girlfriend Shannon is a Batman fan so her cute-as-a-button baby WILL have this on her wall, I will make it so!



Ride your day out on one of my favorite YAY IT’S SPRING songs:

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Nosebleed Googledoodle

These are two unrelated things other than I had a nosebleed right after I decided one of my goals in life would be to be featured on the Google home page. There are definitely some random things I would love to achieve in life, like, Singing the National Anthem at a Gopher Basketball Game, voice acting for a cartoon, have a radio show, and now I’ve added do a GoogleDoodle. Google doodles are when they change the name plate on the home page to reflect something happening that day. If you don’t know what this is I doubt you’re reading this since you obviously don’t have the internet or are aware of, you know, life. I mean, even old people know what Google is – it’s the answer to all of my Mom’s disputes – “Just Google it when you get home and stop arguing!”

But really, I’m a bit worried that I may not have long to achieve this because I just had what I believe to be my first ever nosebleed. EVER. I rubbed my nose, there was a bit of pain, and then BLOOD. And then I started coughing and I had to go to the bathroom all at the same time. As obvious a fact as your non-use of the internet, I am obviously going to die from a brain tumor/brain worm/hepatitis*

The nosebleed brain tumor is – word of the day – obviously sarcasm, however the wanting to achieve a Google Doodle is a real goal, don’t judge.

*Start video at 3min 7sec. – and if you don’t like this you are OBVIOUSLY not friends with me in real life.

# Cameron: Wow, is this what a bar looks like?
# Michael: Don’t touch anything! You may get hepatitis.

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