A Poem for the End of the World

The girl who feared the end of the world lost her fear.  She gave into the Happiness and lived day to day.  She had friends and family and someone to grow old with.  She no longer worried about not being able to picture her future.

Who can truly picture the unknown?


And then the World Ended.


And she didn’t get married.

And she didn’t have children.

And she didn’t travel the world.

And she didn’t see her mom one more time.

And she didn’t go back to school to be a teacher.

And . . .

And . . .

And . . .


She floated in the vast expanse of nothing that we call, or did call, the Universe.

But it wasn’t the Universe anymore because no one was there to name it.


Well, she *thought*, if the Universe is no longer, then neither are the things I wanted to do.  That’s a *relief*.


At least I wasn’t crazy was happy.


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